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Agnes "Aggie B" Balka, born Agnes Genora Sauls was born in Houston, Texas, June 3, 1971 to Marva Jo McLemore and Elder Elton R. Sauls. She began her life in a singing family. At a young age she became a musician of the church. She is the niece of recorded artist Jeanie Tracey. Ms. Balka has had the pleasure of singing with such greats as Whitney Houston, Kim Burrell, Kathy Burrell, Regina Belle and Shirley Caesar to name a few. She has had the privilege of opening up with Trea Trapp for the anniversary concert of the Mississippi Mass Choir. She has performed with gospel artist Sean McLemore in two stage plays. She has written and directed her own as well other stage plays. She is currently directing Nspire Images of Russell Tyson who wrote and is producing the show "Damnation". Ms. Balka is currently in production for a film and television series called Love Bank and a television series with Elliot Lyles called White Wave. She is also currently in production for a film called "Back Together Again". She has also secured a lead role in the production "Ballroom".

Agnes "Aggie B" Balka is a Singer/Actress/Playwright/Director/Vocal Coach/Acting Coach and Producer. She is the CEO/Owner of Essence Entertainment. She studied at Prairie View A&M University. She has won best actress overall in competitions. She has also won grand prizes in several singing competitions including University overall talent competitions. She has been in the industry for 40 plus years and has been writing, singing and producing for most of her life. She is a woman of many talents and ambition. She is dedicated and professional.

Currently, Agnes has performed in many productions produced by The Positive Project “Playahz” InSpirational Theatre Arts Company – she created the role of Sister Rudie Poot first showcased in Willie Alston’s “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”, Grandma Fu’que in “The Sinister Minister and recently performed the role of Conseka in “The Dark Dispensation and Ethel Alston in the true-to-life bio-stageplay entitled “Under The Pink Cloud”. She will be reprising her role as Sister Rudie Poot in Alston’s new offering – “Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could”

And along with her “Playahz” assignments she still works with The Ensemble Theatre and Express Children's Theatre. And has toured with Dave Toliver of Men at Large and Dorien Wilson, Professor Olgilvee from The Parkers. And is an integral part of the stage play “Just Like Mama”. She has also been cast in an upcoming movie called The Birthday Challenge.  

Ojinga Green is an American born actor and model who was born in Little Rock, Ark., but grew up in Houston, TX. Coming from parents who were involved in music at a young age he was destin to entertain. Ojinga has been singing since Kindergarten and was a part of his school choirs and currently is a part of the Wesley AME Church Mass Choir, Men's Choir and is their sound engineer. He's was part of the University Choir at Prairie View A&M University in which he minored in music voice. Ojinga did his first production play while in the 6th Grade for Rumpelstiltskin and from their he would set his eyes on entertaining. He's been in featured films such as Witchcraft 13, Psychic Experience, and short films such as Unanswered Pray and the Shadows In Which it won the American Festival Award in 2009. He's done photo shoots and commercials for the Houston Blood Bank, Houston Aero, RW Production, Gulf Grey Hound Dog Park and Sexy After 30 Non-Profit Group.

Ojinga has also directed and wrote opening videos for the Houston Aeros Hockey Team in which he was a member of the 2003 Calder Cup Championship Team. Ojinga has been a stage manager for the Positive Project Playahz as well as he had been a part of Original Seed Filmz, Upstart Filmworks, Kingdom Players Ministry, Renwick Davis Productions, Glorious Image Production, and an on-air personality for INTV Network. Ojinga is a part of Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment, along with other various nonprofit organizations. As a "Playahz" he has taken lead roles as Detective Thomas in "That Which Dwelleth in Me...", Satan in "The Dark Dispensation", and The Dark Presence in "Under The Pink Cloud and currently is starring as Wretched Randy in "Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could a new offering by Willie Alston set to premiere in November 2020.

Gerald Boykins is very happy to return to the company. He has been seen on several stages locally and nationally. Gerald has toured nationally in a couple of noted Houston playwright Thomas Meloncon productions. Also, He's received awards for best lead drama and comedy actor. After being away from the stage for several years, Gerald thank God for the opportunity to refresh his talent in the "Playahz" theatre company. Additionally, he has directed numerous gospel and inspirational stage plays in the Houston area. Previous roles with the "Playahz" was Poor Ed in "That Which Dwelleth In Me...". Recently, he played Damson in the company's production of "The Dark Dispensation" and currently he is slated to perform the role of Moe in the latest "Playahz" production "Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could".

Who is Cynthia Anderson? "Truth...a hurt, bruised, misunderstood, has hurt, have abused, have hurt others, But God...Can I say that again.. But God!"

One of the 'Playahz" alumni perennial performers, Cynthia Anderson has performed in more "Playahz" productions than any other artist. Her acting experiences have cumulated in her developing her own theatrical company, becoming a radio ministry host of Touching The Torch Ministries and currently in production for her newest stageplay, "Love Zones: Turning Away Of The Simple" to premiere in 2020.

God has changed her life to the fullest. Now she is an Evangelist, International Recording Artist, Actress and known Playwright, Producer, and Director. Cynthia is the founder of LAVACYKA RECORDS, LAVACYKA PRODUCTION AND PUBLISHING. Through her life has come, "LOVE ZONE", wanting to share the Love of God in a stage play, The booklet would not hold all the things that God has done in her life, But God...ALWAYS STAY IN THE ZONE, THE RIGHT ZONE" with JESUS YOU WILL BE COMPLETE... As a Positive Project "Playahz", she originated the role of Wilma Harris in "Can't We All Just Get Along?", Mildred Merriweather in the hit gospel thriller "That Which Dwelleth In Me...", and technician Najean Nichols in the futuristic biblical fantasy "ADAM-III". Recently she performed the role of Jerrise in "The Dark Dispensation" and was gracious enough to perform a cameo role as the Angel in "The Sinister Minister".

SLAPPY PAYNE was born in Houston, Texas. From the tender age of seven, Payne was destined for greatness. He began as many of the greatest have–acting and singing for the Lord. At the tender age of 7, Payne started his acting career, as extra in a Koolaid commercial. At 12, Payne became a member of “Portion”, an all-male quartet based in northeast Houston. After several successful performances and the competition of teen activities, he moved on. Four years later, he united with “J’adore”, and remained with the group five years. “J’adore” was extremely successful. They were offered a contract with La Face Records; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, the group was unable to take advantage of the offer and soon dissolved. After graduating from Forest Brook Senior High School, Payne took a hiatus from school and began singing with a gospel choir, “Eternal Life”. Realizing the need to perfect his gift, Payne enrolled at Sam Houston State University and

has a degree in Theatre and Music. While attending SHSU, Payne joined “Versanique”, a local boy band. Payne then decided to move forward as a solo artist. He feels his group experiences have made him a stronger person. Not only does Payne act, he sings, writes lyrics, and produces as well. He can be heard as the resident comedian, on the xm blog talk radio show, “The Firm" hailed out of Atlanta, on Saturdays. He is currently working on his debut solo album, “A Quarter Till” independently. Payne real name is, “Lawrence Lewis”. He has opened up for artist such as Jagged Edge, Ideal, Alexander O’Neal, among other performers. He also has sung the National Anthem at the Houston Astros game. He has done stage plays such as To be young, gifted and black, The Divine Inheritance, Sex and the Sanctuary, After the Vows, “Don’t bother me I can’t cope, The Wiz, Little Shop of Horrors, A Raisin the Sun, Too Much Drama too stay focused, The Value of a man, Shout Hallelujah, God Doesn’t Make Mistakes, The Master's Hand, If I make it through December, A Christmas Encounter, Role play, The Roommate, What’s a Sistah to do, just to name a few. He has also done some movies such as Robocop 2, The Life of David Gail, and independent film called “Forgiven”. With this drive and the Lord on his side, Payne knows that he will succeed in his quest for greatness.

As a Positive Project "Playahz", he has performed in various productions including performing as Pastor Julius Daemon in "The Sinister Minister", Brother Raghead in "Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could" and Sidell in "The Dark Dispensation".

Tanesha Wilcox

Tanesha has limited experience performing in stage plays prior to joining the "Playahz" but she has experience in musical performances with the piano throughout her high school years, and is looking forward to future plays and touring with this phenomenal cast. Tanesha is currently a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Certified Pharmacy Technician who loves to entertain at friends and family gatherings. Her interest and hobbies includes roller skating, reading, cooking, and traveling. She has performed in "Playahz" productions as Grandma Fu'que in "The Sinister Minister" Nurse Kelly in "Under The Pink Cloud" and Mother in "The Dark Dispensation". Currently, she is tackling the duties of Stage Manager for the production of "Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could".

LuShondra Joseph-Glover, debuted for the "Playahz as "Mildred Merriweather" in "That Which Dwelleth In Me...", is extremely proud to be joining the Positive Playahz Project. LuShondra was born and raised in Houston, Texas residing as a wife of 15 yrs and mother of four children. Ms.Joseph-Glover, is an entrepreneur & proud owner of Ke'Ku:n Custom Kreations T-Shirt Designs & More. Over the years, LuShondra has been involved in many productions taking on significant roles as Narrator, Stage Manager & Assistance to Director all while actively serving her family & community through events and various non profit organizations. Like Mildred, LuShondra's faith has been tried and tested however she continues to choose to believe in the power of God through all adversity. She's a prayer warrior, women of faith, encourager & uplifting to all. LuShondra wishes not to take the credit for her spiritual growth as she humbly serves under the leadership of Pastor Ball @ True Encounters Intl Ministries. LuShondra is beyond grateful for the continued support she receives from her friends and family and would like to thank all those involved in The Positive Project “Playahz” for making this a memorable experience!

Meochea “Me Me” Money is a new upcoming Actress, Model, and Singer in Houston TX area. The devoted wife and mother of three is highly encouraged by her family and close friends. Meochea is currently attending The On Going Acting Classes (OGAC) and training for all levels in Film, TV, and Theatre techniques with her acting coach Crystal Martinez in the Greater Heights area of Houston TX.

She has made several presentations on featured films and theatrical productions such as Mary Did You Know?, The Swat, Wrath of a Broken Man, Christmas is Tomorrow, Big Joe and the Fam, and several new upcoming projects in the making.

Meochea is profoundly grateful for the host of directors that have given her the opportunity to help pursue her many gifts and talent. She looks forward to progressing and developing her skill set in the near future. As a "Playahz", she performed as "Transfer Student" in "The Dark Dispensation" and as Cessia Woods in "Under The Pink Cloud".

Amanda Allen is a native of our nation's capital, Washington D.C.. She is an actress, singer, poet and songwriter currently residing in Houston, TX with her husband.

She made her acting debut as Valeesha in "The Swat" and has appeared in several productions including The Harvey Movie, Screwed Up Christmas, Jook Joint Blues, and Beyond the Vows just to name a few.

To enhance her acting abilities in both theatre and film, she has recently worked with Curtis Von, Price Hall, and Joe Demonico.

As a "Playahz", she performed the sultry role of Demonika in "The Dark Dispensation".

She is excited for what's to come in her future with continued progression and development. Stay tuned!

Terrie Donald believes “Music is my air”. It is clear that a gift was given and the voice is being shared. Terrie sings with passion. She writes lyrics about life and the things that she has experienced. She wrote the lyrics to all except one song on her cd Genesis. During her life with breast cancer she wrote the lyrics to her single, “It's Not Over”. True and raw feelings of a journey that took her through a fire that shaped the person she is now. That song is being share with anyone who finds themselves on that path. A Texas country girl at heart, she grew up in Ennis. A small town south of Dallas. “ My first memory of music is singing in the back seat of my parents car”. This was my normal. Terrie is married to her College sweetheart and they have one child. Terrie's voice has taken her as far as Dubai, where she preformed in front of one thousand people. Her singing received a standing ovation. It showed the gift of God. The songs that she chooses to sing shows her love for Lord. Her talent glorifies the Father. As a "Playahz" she has performed the roles of Deaconess Egquena Hall in "The Sinister Minister" and Rev. Loya in ADAM-III

Glenn-Anthony Whorton, Nationally recognized professional model actor and singer is represented by Exxcel Model and Talent. He was born in Houston Texas. His professional modeling career dates back almost 15 years. As an actor he was featured in the Brazos Valley theater companies version of "My Fair Lady." And started in the hit stage play "Overdose "by JA Smith production. Previously he was featured as 2 Sweet in the "Playahz" stage-play production of "The Sinister Minister", working on his new TV show "Behind The Mic" and a untitled EP music album. Follow him on Instagram @glenn_anthony and like him in Facebook @Model Glenn-Anthony

Shina Epps is an accomplished actress having received training from Miles and Brown Entertainment Acting School and Prairie View A & M University Drama. A veteran of The Positive Project “Playahz”, she has performed in numerous productions for the company including Anita Criagbottom in “That Which Dwelleth In Me…” and Vixen in “ADAM III”. She has acted in Firedove Productions “Ain’t Nothing In Hell I Want”, Light Ministries production of “God Loves the Truth, Hot Tub Productions Trail of Exposure. Her screen credits include appearing as various characters for light Ministries in “Jeffrey Stringer 1 & 2”, “A Rapping in the Family”, The Wages of Sin” and Moe in the movie “Life In the Fast Lane”.

LaNetta Callicutt is excited to be returning to the stage in almost 25 years. She was very active between her teens and early twenties in musical productions for high school productions, The Young Americans and various amateur producers/playwrights in Southern California. She then began pursuing a career in singing with different choirs/groups and then finally settled down to raise her five beautiful children. She moved to Texas 10 years ago and has recently decided to return to the stage to pursue her goals as an actress. She appeared as a “Baby buyer” in the upcoming film, “Grandmother’s Baby Scam” by Curtis Henderson. LaNetta would like to thank her children, friends, the producer and fellow cast members for their awesome support of her role in this production. As a "Playahz" she has performed as Sister Rudie Poot in "Sister Rudie Poot & The Holy Grilled" and First Lady Tysha Daemon in "The Sinister Minister".

Hima Sam Sneed has performed the role of Rosco Road Dog James in the "Playahz" production of "Can't We All Just Get Along?" and Poor Ed in "That Which Dwelleth In Me..." His artist statement: "As for me I am solo gospel rap artist/actor with just the right mixture of gospel hip-hop flavor and a unique sense of showmanship, which makes for a very entertaining performance on the stage. Seldom do have a musical hip-hop artist reach the personification that my gospel musical performances does. My unique style is evident in my creativity of my gospel message through spiritual lyrics in innovative songs of Gospel Hip-Hop. Surprisingly, off the stage I am equally in touch with all type of genres of music. I truly have a love music which is why I assert myself so much during my performances. Combine this with my sense of humor, acting ability, and musical showmanship & you be in for a very enjoyable evening of entertainment." My shows are uniquely entertaining and very amusing. My repertoire on my debut album includes such diverse selections such as The Choice iz Yourz, Jesus Christ, I Luv You, Showtime, U Don’t Know, and even da Smash Hit On Da House!

Rita L. Hughes is thrilled and honored to a part of this amazing cast! She enjoys the world of theatre and sees each day as an opportunity to live out her dream. As a 6 year Breast Cancer Survivor, she intends to live each day to the fullest! Rita is no stranger to the theatre stage. Her most recent work includes: John Henry Redwood's 'The Old Settler' and Pearl Cleage's 'Nacirema Society' at The Ensemble Theatre. Ernest Gaines 'A Lesson Before Dying', Thorton Wilde's 'Our Town' and Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' at the Houston Family Art Center; 'Behind Closed Doors' and 'God's Trombone' under the direction of Harold Haynes (Encore Theatre) and Ntozake Shange's 'For colored gilrs who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf' (SilverHouse Theatre). Other notabe works include: 'Just As I Am' (Acting Bad Productions); 'Bag Ladies, The Play' (Insight Productions); 'When Children Pray' (No More G Ministries); 'Overdose' (JA Smith Productions) and 'Love Never Fails' (Remnant Evangetainment). As a "Playaz" she has performed in the role of Mission Sister Cessia Clayton in "The Sinister Minister".

Mariah Andro, a 22 year old actress , has performed on stage and screen. Her theatrical credits include, playing Paola in ”Three Pigs” and Rita in “Dream of Doors” for Express Children’s Theater, Marrian in Houston Community Colleges “Miser” and numerous productions B.F. Terry High School. She has trained with John Robert Powers and the Mayo Hill Centre for Modeling and was named “Actress of the Year” in 2009. Her interests vary from reading, writing poetry, bowling, cooking and baking singing and dancing. As a "Playahz", she played Kee Daemon in "The Sinister Minister".

Margie Edwards – Stage Manager

Margerene “Margie” Edwards is a native of Houston, Texas and is versed in the arts. Her background consists of singing, acting, and stage management. Margie comes from a family of singers and songwriters and she started singing at the age of 16 with her sisters Nola King and songwriter Carrie Edwards. Margie later recorded with New Hope Community Choir-N.H.C.C. Margie is stage manager for RLC Productions and has staged managed “When a Stranger Calls,” “All my Chillins" and Margie also staged managed for Positive Project “Playahz, “Can’t We all Just Get Along?”

Ethel Alston - As Chief Administrative Officer of The Positive Project, Ethel has provided financial oversight for countless TPP Productions, and as Program Design manager, formatted almost all the Playbills and many flyers, post cards and other promo materials. Functioning as House Manager with the additional duties of Box Office and craft services, she will continue to facilitate professional quality Front of House management.

Eight year old Kennedy Woods is a Spring District third grade student and is a praise dancer and Usher at her church, Hope Faith and Charity and under the tutelage of the director has performed in Easter and Christmas plays. Already a “veteran” of the Playahz, her theater credits include playing the “Kid” in “Sister Rudie Poot & The Holy Grilled” and The Imp in "The Dark Dispensation". She enjoys playing, singing, acting, drawing and eating massive amounts of candy!

And Now...Our Newest Playahz!

Gamaal Storr is a Houston native who is known for his work on The Shade Web Series, Sins Of A Father Stage Play, Life Is But A Dream Stage Play, Contemplation The Movie and How To Keep A Man Tv Show. Aside from that Taylor is known for over 40 stage plays, 7 films and multiple national commercials throughout the Houston area. You can see him in the upcoming new stage play Good Morning Heartache, Goodbye and You Don’t Even Know Me coming soon. He has performed the title role as Dr. Thomas Scottdale in "The Dark Dispensation"

Xavier Brandon


Background patron

Ex-con Mentor (filming begins 2020)


James Earl Jones Denzel Washington

Samuel L. Jackson Michael Jai White

Avery Brooks

Special Skills

Military training, Law Enforcement/Criminal Investigations, Weapons/Hand2Hand Combat, IT Security, Athletic, Public Speaking.

As our new "Playahz", he will perform his first production as Bishop Raghead in "Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could" in November 2020!

Phaedra Payne

Kristian Victoria is a born and raised Houstonian who has been in the arts since she was 3 years old. Kristian has been seen in “Alice in Wonderland “ as the Dormouse, Liz Rachelle’s stage play “It is Finished”, Dr. Don Dotson stage play “Broken” as CoCo, Chilondra Clebourn and Loretta Norris’ stage play “Just Like Mama” as Angie Reese, Professor Robert Sims stage play “House of Secrets” as Zoe, and “Tears from a Broken Heart” as Rhonda Albright. Kristian loves the Lord and is always ready for everything he has in store for her. Starting her “Playahz career as an understudy, she moved into an primary role as Shanockatifa in “Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could”

Tanitra Blackshear


Somebody Else’s Husband Part 3 Supporting – Vachel SX Branch & Co.

Bed, Bethlehem, & Beyond Supporting – Messy #1 SX Branch & Co.

Broken Supporting – Gina NMGM Productions

House of Secrets Lead – Justina Master Theater Company

Forever His Supporting – Dr. Wade NMGM Productions

Somebody Else’s Husband Part 2 Supporting – Vachel SX Branch & Co.

It Is Finished Supporting – Sick Woman Glorious Image Productions Somebody Else’s Husband Supporting – Vachel SX Branch & Co.

The Wealth of the Wicked V Supporting – Chante’ SX Branch & Co.

Forever His Supporting – Marshall NMGM Productions

The Prodigal Son Lead - Shunte’ Master Theater Company


Restaurant Commercial Katz Deli

Lawyer Commercial Juan LaFonta ft. Big Freedia

Pseudoie: Bathsalt Stage Film Franken Land

Hoodfellaz REDUX Film Franken Land

College Advertisement Commercial Houston Community College

Voice Over

Weekly Commercials Lead Cross Roads Community Church

Website Lead Lady Best Ministries

Key Key Hudson, Seven (Boss Lady), playing the role of Patrina Poot in the “Playahz” production of “Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could”, is a Curvy “Typegirl” fashion and runway model, singer/songwriter/playwright, from Houston TX. This is her second stage play her first role was in the cast of YDEKM, written and directed by Agnes “Aggie B” Balka. She was recently a featured extra in the local documentary, Tawatha, written and directed by Michelle Hardin, playing a homeless woman. She can be seen in the short film “Dissociated” Written & Directed by LaShaye Ashe KalI now currently on Amazon Prime. She also appears as an undercover officer in the movie “Knuckles”, written and directed by Da Author Trete Lo.

Schon Brooks


Forever His Supporting – Therapist NMGM Productions

The Prodigal Son Lead - Promoter Master Theater Company

Church Folks Lead – Deacon Gomez Master Theatre Company

Voice Over

Weekly Commercials Lead Cross Roads Community Church

This will be his first performance as a "Playahz" in the role of Bug in the production of "Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could".

Dame'on Walker

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