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Sister Rudie Poot & The Holy Grilled

October 22, 2016

An hilarious inspirational comedy written and directed by Willie Alston, the stage-play chronicles the exploits of Ebenezer True Vine Christian Center Church of the Living 

God #3 and one of its most ornery members, Sister Rowdenia Poot as she contrives everything she can think of to help keep her beloved church from closing its doors for the final time due to inability to pay mortgage. With the church damaged due to a storm, Sister Poot opens up her home to the church body, allowing them to worship in her living room while the church is being repaired.

The results of a not-so-saintly past nets her a host of fair weather husbands and boyfriends, with twelve children under her roof, assisted by her oldest daughter Patrina Poot, she takes up “relations” with a never-do-well named Handy Randy who, conspiring with two neighborhood thugs Moe and Bug, plot to rob the fundraising event Rudie has been so meticulously planning and the “Gospel Rump-Roast” begins!

This event is presented by The Positive Project “Playahz” InSpirational Theatre Arts Company, a non-profit agency dedicated to the prevention of youth violence utilizing the performing and visual arts as a primary deterrent against gangs, drugs, and youth crime.

To be performed at the TBH Theater, 333 S. Jensen Drive, October 22nd, time 7PM. General admission tickets just $20 and can be purchased at or by calling 281-608-6240. For more information about the “Playahz” go to . This project is funded in part by the City of Houston and the Houston Arts Alliance.

The Sinister Minister

“He did it in the dark…now she’s come to the light! Associate Pastor Julius Daemon faces the greatest challenge of his ecclesiastical life – the opportunity to become senior pastor over the largest church in the city, but he has just one obstacle to overcome –himself! What do you do when your dream fantasy turns into reality and knocks on your front door?”

The story focuses on the dark path Pastor Julius Daemon choses to embrace and the sinister aftermath to follow. Taking his internet addiction to the limit, he lives a fantasy life through an x-rated chat-room site.

His wife Tysha, leaving for a pastor’s wife conference is the perfect time for Julius and his buddy-in-sin Rosco “Road Dogg” James to surf the net and see what comes up!

What comes up is a bunch of mess…family and otherwise! The plot thickens as we learn the little secrets that come out when you let Satan in! Will the Lord be able to use this man of God? Or will his soul be devoured by…The Sinister Minister?

The Positive Project "Playahz" will present Willie Alston's "The Sinister Minister" will be held on October 17, 2015 at the TBH Theater.

There will be a 2:00pm Matinee and 7pm Evening Show.


The Process has been perfected, it is now time for the first man to ever walk the earth to rise and walk again...God named him...Adam.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Our Largest musical to date!

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