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Attention all "Playahz"!


Our current production: "That Which Dwellth In Me..." will be performed on January 20, 2018 at the TBH Theater.

That Which Dwellth In Me...


Attention "Playahz"!

Roles are still available for the upcoming production of "That Which Dwelleth In Me..." 


Cast of Characters

OPEN-Paul “Pooh” Merriweather, male, 20-30ish, in life tried to be a gangster, (like his father) but always got caught. Wrongly convicted and executed for the murder of -

CAST-Carlotta Cragbottom, female, 40ish, person “Pooh” was convicted of murdering. Character is revealed through sound bites and character references, and in video projected sequences. (Never seen live onstage until curtain call.)

CAST-Detective Lewis Thomas, male, handsome 30-40ish, Officer of the law who was assigned to the case, arrested “Pooh”, had second thoughts about outcome of case, secretly believes that “Pooh” was innocent, but not ready to put career on line without proof. Secretly in love with –

CAST-Mildred Merriweather, female, beautiful 30-40ish, divorced mother of “Pooh”, faith in God is shaken by State of Texas court-ordered killing of her son. Spousal abuse survivor. Determined to clear son’s name along with –

OPEN-Millie Merriweather, female, 10-14ish, daughter of Mildred, fascinated with video games and boys. Petite, cute, with a bubbly personality.

CAST-Little Mike, male, 10-14ish, friend to Millie, into rap music and video games. Gangster wannabe, only for fun.

OPEN-Maurice Johnson, male, 40ish, Mildred’s ex-husband, drug dealer, showed Pooh everything he knows about hustling on the streets and was very physically and verbally abusive to her.

OPEN-Poor Ed the Crack head, male, 30-40ish, on crack cocaine for 17 years. Was a successful 18-wheeler truck driver before becoming an addict.

OPEN-Mrs. Hagetha Cragbottom, 60-70ish, wife of deceased wealthy businessman Throckmorton P. Cragbottom is now owner of Goodstead Lofts, an old ritzy hotel turned assisted housing project where all characters (except one) live. Mother of murdered Carlotta. Mean. Ugly. Believes that she can buy her way to heaven.

CAST-Rev. Phenias Bonet’, 50ish, male, Pastor of local church where Hagetha has membership, highly suspiciously religious, seemingly devout.

OPEN-Deacon Johnson, 40-60ish, male, Pastor's Armour Bearer, Top Church Evangelist.

CAST-Anita Cragbottom, female, 20ish, Granddaughter of Hagetha Cragbottom, fast and flirty, light-skinned, pretty, experimenting with hard drugs along with occasional drinking binges.

OPEN-Guard #1/Investigator #1, non-gender, Atmosphere, extra. In opening scene, escorts Pooh to electric chair. Plays Investigator dusting for fingerprints in scene following Anita’s attack.

OPEN-Guard #2/Investigator #2, non-gender, Atmosphere, extra. In opening scene, escorts Pooh to electric chair. Plays Investigator dusting for fingerprints in scene following Anita’s attack.

(?)-Black Robed/Hooded Killer, non-gender, killer in play who murdered Carlotta Merriweather and attempts to murder Anita. Identity is one of the main characters.

Paid Understudy positions open! (Limited rehearsal with opportunity to work additional positions.)

If you are interested in any of the above roles please reply to email or call 281-608-6240.
Next audition date is Wednesday, November 21th and 22nd at 6:30pm at our new rehearsal location at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas 77055

Thank you for your consideration,

Willie Alston
Executive Artistic Director
The Positive Project "Playahz"
InSpirational Theatre Arts Company


PAST Casting positions for The Sinister Minister:

(1ST LADY TYSHA DAEMON - Very Pretty for her age (late 30's), loves her family and church ministry. Wants to see ministry expand and grow. Pushes Julius to work harder at pastoring.)

(2 SWEET - Mean, surly evil personality. "Pretty boy" face with light voice. But don't let the good looks fool you, this guys one bad apple!)

(DEACONESS EGQUENA HALL - Devout christian armour-bearer to Pastor Daemon. Acts as agent and pushed his promotion to Senior Pastor over the largest church in city.)

(MISSION SISTER CESSIA CLAYTON - Deaconess Hall's close friend, confidant and protege'.)

(GRANDMA FELICIA FU'QUE - Cantakerous, "Madea" type personality. Loves Gambling and men. In good physical shape for her age. As the Skeptic, she opposes every idea presented by her in-house counterpart (Grandpa Richards). Challenges Tysha's role of lead female in home.)

(GRANDPA RICHARDS - Grandma Fu'que's in-house counterpart. Old, somewhat infirmed but still got a little "gas" in his tank. Old school womanizer, but his Guardian role in the family shoulders the responsibility of high level decisions from his days as a mid-level "gangsta" in the streets.)

(JUICY FRUIT - Sexy and dumb, just the way 2 Sweet likes them. As his main woman, her job is to look fine and sexy and help keep his other women in line.)

(KEE DAEMON - Teenage hormones raging, has a bubbly personality that hasn't found her identity yet. Curious about the world outside of church. Open to experimentation, sexual or otherwise. Pretty, but plain looking, could use some make-up.)

(PASTOR JULIUS DAEMON - Worried that his dark secrets will be revealed. Spiritually sick with the conditon of pornography. Holding on to what he believes will help him- his faith. Working to right his wrongs. Doesn't want to be a hypocrite and before he committs to self correction, the enemy strikes! He has to fight back with all the resources he can find. And he finds it in the love of his family.)

(ROSCO "ROAD DOG" JAMES - Youthful personality with a "Mr.Brown" stlye. Loud, ignorant and supportive of Julius non-condusive lifestlye. Dresses loud and has a tendency towards clumsiness due to alcoholism. Always needs a ride.)

(SATAN - Pure Evil. Depises anything good and does whatever he can to tear the family apart. A very snappy dresser, well-groomed, good-looking but not good for anything.)

(SKITTLES (AKA PASSION) - Devious, scared pretty little girl. A baby in a grown womans body. Very pretty but has some growing to do. Slinky movements, very consious of her body. Low self-esteem. Would like to get out of the "game" but not sure how. Scared to death of 2 Sweet.)

(VOICE OF GOD - All-encompassing, deep probing the darkest secrets of man. Pure Love and Faith.)