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Characters list for casting

"The Dark Dispensation"

Auditions to be held on June 30th, Trini Mendenhall Community Center

1414 Wirt Road 7:00 PM

Dr. Thomas Scottdale (Male, 50ish)

Devout Christian theologian. Lead director and instructor of Divine School of Divinity. Has been researching the endtime period and has caught the attention of Satan, due to his ability to accurately translate dead sea scolls and ancient texts. Leading his students in the fight against Satan, he relys on faith and biblical knowledge to defeat the adversary. Upon challenged by Satan and the possibly of worldwide harm through his abilities, his duty is clear - stop Satan's furtile mad plan and save himself, his family and the world from this mad evil presence.

Satan (Male, 30-50ish)

Hater of all that God loves, tall, well built, handsome looks and intellectual demeanor but somewhat surly. Believes he is as powerful has God and thinks he can change the future of the universe by having certain portions of the bible and historical record re-written. Uses his minions, his ability to deceive and the threat of hellfire to achieve his goals. Satan is viewing the big picture, long predicted in scripture to lose the battle between good and evil, he finds it his duty to subvert God's plan for man and seize control of the universe.

The Students of the Theological Class:

Aramy (female, 20-30ish)

The voice of reason, intellectual Aramy has an answer for everything. If you want to know something about anything, ask Aramy. Cute, but plain, thin body build.

Conseka (female, 20-30ish)

She believes in everything the bible says and the Doctor. Is the first on to believe that Dr. Scottdale really is having an encounter with the devil. Nicely built, is very consious on the "Me Too" movement, as she too is a survivor.

Jerrise (Male, 20-30ish)

Scary and unsure, he is one of the least committed to the research. Very emotional, wearing his feelings "on his sleeve."

Sidell (Male, 20-30ish)

Another of Dr. Scottdale more vocal students, he questions the validity of every biblical concept. He suggests that maybe Satan doesn't really exist - that he is a mental and emotional construct needed by man to rationalize his actions. Healthy, athletic with a dark look.

Satan’s Minions:

Demonika (Female, 20-40ish)

Satan's female demon, sexy, curvacious, kitten-like.

Damson (Male, 30-50ish)

Satan's henchman, not too bright but thinks of himself as a conman.

Cara (Female, 7-11ish)

Little Girl about seven years old, Dr. Scottdale's daughter who is supposed to be at home in bed. Cute will sweet contenace. However, this Cara is only an apparition created by Satan.

Mother (Female, 50-70ish)

She is elderly, but healthy looking. Moaning in pain as she speaks. Looks like Dr. Scottdale's mother but she is not.

Sister Rudie Poot & The Preacher Who Thought He Could

Cast of Characters

Characters in RED are open for re-casting

Sister Rudie Poot – (African-Am Female, med. Build with sensual body type -35 – 50ish, sing, some dancing) Cantakerous member of Bishop Ragheads former church. She is in fair shape and a former stripper in a previous life before she found the Lord. Loud-mouthed and interacts with very thin filter (she says what on her mind and doesn’t care who is offended. She has advice for everybody but herself. Rudie is determined to get her adult daughter Patrina out of the club life, (who has started stripping for a living but still works in the clubs ministry).

Bishop Reginald Raghead – (African Am male, any build type with versatile dynamic voice, good comic role, 35 – 65ish, sing) A recovering alcoholic, owner and lead bartender of the Club Lounge Lizard he inherited from a deceased relative, he wishes to use the facility for the Higher Calling of ministry and social services. He is loud and somewhat aggressive in speech but doesn’t intend to offend. Feels isolated from others in the ministry because of his past and finds it hard to pass judgement on others. Invites constructive criticism and feels that he is not perfect, but the Word in him is, if only he could be more effective in his preaching, maybe more could be saved.

“Wretched” Randy – (African-Am male, lean but average build, rough looking, sinister in speech, 25-50ish) formerly known as “Handy” Randy, due to his reputation with females and crime, has reinvented himself completely as a neighborhood gangster with an agenda for the club – take over and turn into illegal gambling and drug den. Still trying to build his reputation among the crime community, he is capable of anything, including murder to achieve his goals.

Bertha Rump – (Any ethnicity, female, well built, healthy, 18-30ish, dance/sing) Very business-like, treats adult entertainment like a serious business and uses the money she makes to put her through school. She is not thinking about getting into a relationship with any man.

Blind Bartimaeus – (African-Am male, Strong healthy build, 40-60ish, sing) Ex-military, lost sight in a special ops mission back in Desert Storm. Takes infirmity is stride, uses other senses to enjoy the show in the club. Referred to in script as Uncle Bart.

Bug – (Any ethnicity, male, Athletic build, 20-35ish) As the name implies, he gets under your skin. As a gangster, he could use some work. Randy’s henchman and partner-in-crime likes to push his weight around. Disrespectful to everyone.

Moe – (African-Am male, average build, 20-35ish) A former gangster who used to run with Randy’s set, he quit the gangster life in order to take care of his blind Uncle Bart, Moe appears to be ready to change his life and believe in Jesus. Works as the club custodian.

Patrina Poot – (African-Am Female, pretty, sexy, perky, 18-25ish, sing, dance) Sister Rudie Poot’s daughter who has chosen stripping as a means to make ends meet, she has her mother believing that all she does is serve drinks. She is a believer and supports Bishop Ragheads unorthodox ministry.

Shanockatifa – (African-Am Female, battered look with a good body, 18-25ish, dance) Crack addict and new mother, she is as ghetto as they come. Believes three-month old baby girl is Randy’s (but it could be anyone’s.)

Sister Ethel Lou Merriweather – (Any Ethnicity, Female, heavy set, 35-50ish, sing) Holier-than-thou sanctified saint who supports Sister Rudie Poot’s agenda of shutting down what they perceive as a “blasphemous” ministry. Heavy set with heavy words, secretly jealous of the stripper’s physical appeal to men.

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